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The Military Museums of Calgary’s Cold War exhibit to showcase Canada’s role in the conflict

The Royal Canadian Air Force played role in different conflicts during this time period

RCAFWhen you think of the Cold War, the United States and the former Soviet Union are the two countries that come to mind. The conflict was ultimately centered on their conflicting ideological beliefs of capitalism and communism.

These two superpowers locked horns for 35 years by supplying arms to their allies during different military conflicts, competing to become the leader in technology and innovation, and both vied towards having the No. 1 economic system in the world.


University of Calgary opens 1984 time capsule

Contents include letters and photographs from kids of that time

IMG 9362Sammuel-KingdonThe University of Calgary (U of C) gave its six- to 14-year-old Mini University campers a taste of what the city was like in 1984 by opening up a 30-year-old time capsule Aug. 14 filled with letters and photos from Mini University kids of that day.

Terry Davies, a Mini University instructor in 1984, says there was a limited list of items that could go into the time capsule and hold up for 30 years,


Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society to host adoption event for kittens and cats

Organization hosting record amount of kittens

Amazing-CatsThe Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) is housing over 300 kittens— according to organization officials— which represents a record high and over-capacity total.

To mitigate this problem AARCS is putting on an cat and kitten adopt-a-thon to adopt cats and kittens Aug.16 , starting at 11 a.m.

"We do have cat adoption events every couple of months," says Katie Ayres, AARCS's operations manager. "But this time we are really at a place where we can't take in any more cats or help anymore until we get some pretty big numbers adopted."

The cats housed at AARCS were not spade or neutered, were having kittens that were unwanted and were hanging around looking for food in various places because they were starving.

A reason for this event is to make room for new kittens in order to help other stray cats.

For more information on the event , visit the AARCS website.

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City of Harmony Project aims to give insight on multiculturalism and sustainable living

Intercultural foundations invite Calgarians to dine for peace

Seminars and a charity dinner will take place from Aug. 9-17, with the goal of helping Calgarians to live a sustainable life.

This City of Harmony Project, the first of its kind in Calgary, is a stepping stone for the Intercultural Dialogue Institute to help bring awareness into communities.

Malik Moradov, executive director of the Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI), says this initiative is important because it promotes a positive message.