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Warm weather aids spooky Halloween houses

Calgarians getting into the spirit with elaborate Halloween home-decorations

thumbnail copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copy copyIt's not unusual for Calgary to be covered under a layer of snow this time of year, but for Halloween enthusiasts, the recent spell of warm weather has made it easier to spookify their homes.

Altadore residents Sylvia and Wilf Barwitzki say they have been going all out to decorate their home for Halloween for the past eight years — unless the weather was too cold.


#Trends2Ways Chapter 1: Plaid

Calgary Journal living editors explore new and used in their hunt for staple fashion items

THUMBNAIL Flannel Flannel-1 HarderRitzSome like it new.

Danielle has always been a "retail" shopper and purchases her clothes new. A student who works part-time, she usually tries to save up and splurge on herself from time to time. Danielle only spends the big bucks on staple wardrobe pieces. She also keeps her eyes open for large clearance sales once or twice a year.

Some like it used.

Tiffany hasn't purchased anything new in years. A full-time student and young mom, she can't always afford to keep up with every trend that the fashion industry deems essential. But she's skilled at staying current by sourcing clothes on a budget in Calgary's consignment and thrift stores.


High traffic at the Calgary Food Bank

Employment, housing and newcomers all part take in sudden food bank rush

rsz foodbank signWith the lack of affordable housing and a boost in population, the Calgary Food Bank feels the pressure to keep fridges full.

Keoma Duce, the Calgary Food Bank development coordinator for organizational giving, has been with the centre for four years, and says she's never seen such a drastic influx of people in such a short period of time.

Since last year, Duce says there's been a 10 per cent increase of individuals and families relying on the centre.

The 2014 Civic Census Results shows that Calgary is just touching 1.2 million residents - an increase of 38,508 Calgarians from 2013.


A look inside the artistic process driving Calgary's craft beer market

The story behind beer bottle labels

thumbnail While the approach may vary, many of Calgary's craft breweries have something in common —ensuring the art on the label reflects the quality of what's inside.

On the eve of their 30th anniversary, Calgary's own Big Rock Brewery has driven big changes to their look and line this past year, with a new signature series design and 16 new brews.

It all started with a little brainstorming.

"We use local artists to do all of our labels and we always have," said Brenda Sgaggi, manager of marketing at Big Rock.

"Our brewmaster will come up with a beer, and we gather a diverse team of people thinking from different angles for a brainstorming session — from the brewhouse, sales, marketing, administration — and we sit down in the boardroom, typically have a pint, and start talking about the creative direction."