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Beer 101: Introduction to home brewing

The science behind making beer, and how you can learn

BrewerysciencethumnnailThe local craft beer market is booming, which is causing many to be bitten by the home beer brewering bug. But how exactly does one go about making their own brewski at home?

TELUS Spark has the answer with its adult night event on Oct. 9 titled Makers Night Out: Brewing Beer. The event will walk participants through the steps on how to make their own beer – and yes, samples will be provided.

Todd Rederburg, a public programmer for TELUS Spark, says participants will learn the steps to home brewing and will end the night with not a complete beer but a wort, the substance before beer.


Children of divorce and parental alienation — a closer look

Messy split-ups can see parents sidelined from their kids

Photo courtesy of PixabehMy parents are divorced. At the time it happened I was only nine, and of course it seemed like the end of the world. As any person who has experienced the same knows – it's a scary feeling to have your family foundations shaken, and sometimes completely uprooted.

But looking back, I can see that I was one of the lucky ones – my parents were civil with each other. They never argued in front of my sisters and me, they never involved us in their marital troubles, and they never tried to make us choose sides.


My Big Fat Thanksgiving

Why my family plans Thanksgiving five months in advance

thanksgivingcook living ocondonwebFor most families, Thanksgiving is merely a holiday to transition into Christmas and eat your weight in flightless birds. Not for my family. I come from a place where a 38-pound turkey might not leave any for leftovers and where the pumpkin pie is worth getting into a fistfight over.

Since I can remember, Thanksgiving has always been our biggest holiday celebration. My mom and her youngest sister credit distance as the main reason. With most of my family living in, around and outside of Calgary it can be difficult to make it to see all members of the family at Christmas and it was decided early on that Thanksgiving was close enough to make it work.


Calgary Beer Goes Upscale

New beer halls are testament to a penchant for fancy international beers

thumb national 1Calgarians are trading their stemware for high-end pint glassware at a series of new establishments across the city.

Consumer thirsts are evolving towards high-end beers where we are seeing more people opting for a variety of different brews over the more popular commercial brands.

"The growth of the craft beer market is a phenomenon, North America wide. It is driven by a combination of changes in regulation and consumer demand," David Finch, an associate professor at Mount Royal University, said.

Finch has a professional and personal interest in trends in Calgary. With a master's degree in the field of marketing relationships, he is also an expert at understanding consumer trends.

From a consumer perspective, Finch believes the beer market is simply expanding to reflect their diverse needs.