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Bill C-51 threatens the freedom of the press

Proposed antiterrorism legislation will bound any activist group deemed 'multi-issue extremists' and may prohibit other from talking about or reporting on activist activity.

Parliament Hill ThumbnailWhat does it matter if a few activist groups are silenced because of a bill if it means better security for Canada?

Surely, Canadian security needs beefing up, as evidenced by the disturbing events this past fall. On Oct. 22, Parliament Hill was subject to the most serious security breach since the 1966 Parliament bombing. After Micheal Zehaf-Bibeau fatally shot Corp. Nathan Cirillo, the incident was classified by RCMP as a terrorist act under the Criminal Code of Canada. The incident took place just two days after a man used his car to run down two Canadian soldiers in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., killing one.


Opinion: When a journalist plays ‘God’

Personal biases should never silence citizens' voices

thumb3082476355 53e6305c05 zThe role of the journalist today is changing and often up for debate. Some traditional scholars insist that we should publish the facts objectively and fairly without taking sides, while others believe we have the responsibility to interpret information and decide which voices are most valid.

In the Information Age, more and more information is being made available online, seemingly lessening the need for trained journalists. As a result, the responsibility of the reporter is shifting to include the role of "sense-maker" – someone who analyzes and contextualizes information – in order to keep journalism relevant.

Journalism is becoming less about neutrality and more about determining meaning.


Swimming to Serenity

Swimming is healthy for the body and restorative for the mind.

swimming thumbnailAlmost every day I swim in the pool- this is my way of meditating. The Mount Royal University swimming lanes are the closest place for me to access workout facilities. It is the only place where it is possible where I can calm restless thoughts for a short time. The tranquillity is not achieved right away; it is somewhat a long and difficult process.

Referencing, Japanese bestseller Haruki Murakami and his book What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, my experience can be called What I Do Not Think About While Swimming In The Pool.


Opinion: Who is Training Caregivers?

Journalists should look more deeply at those on the front lines of mental health care — before a crisis occurs

thumb ReportersnoteboookIn March 2014, my uncle was being held at a hospital in British Columbia after suffering from ringing in his ears, he had trouble sleeping and experienced suicidal thoughts.

He was under the care of medical professionals who should have been working to keep him safe.

My uncle was agitated, and when he insisted he needed fresh air, the nurse on duty eventually allowed him to go outside. However, my grandmother — who was visiting at the time — was told that she was not allowed to go with him. The nurse didn't accompany him either.

Once outside, my uncle jumped in front of a moving semi truck.

Thankfully, he suffered only severe internal and external bruising, — nothing short of a miracle.

He survived, but no thanks to the hospital staff. Those taking care of him should have known better.