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Journalism student reflects on how fitness saved his life

Max Foley shares how committing to exercise has had a positive effect on him as a person

rsz opening imageConsider this: Out of everything you've ever done — every habit you've established or kicked, every experience you've had, every memorable part of your life — what has changed your life the most? What has had the most positive effect on your life?

For me and countless others, the answer is exercise. Fitness. Athletics. However you label it, physical activity has changed lives for the better since the Greeks and Romans discovered the benefits of intentional exertion. Socrates said, almost 2-1/2 millennia ago: "No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable."


Calgarian Trinity Tratch representing city at War Amps CHAMP seminar

Teenage amputee has achieved great success despite disability.

IMG 9292It's fair to say that some of us take the simple task of walking for granted.

For others, like young Calgarian Trinity Tratch, it represents a difficult challenge to overcome. The 15-year-old wears prosthetics on his two legs to assist him everyday with walking. He is an below-right-knee and above-left-knee amputee.

Along with trying to deal with the physical challenges that come with being an amputee, Tratch says it's a challenge to deal with the constant questions he faces from people that may not understand what he is going through.


Aggressive music carries a message of hope

Musicians use aggressive tones as a means of inspiration

Bad-Christian copyFollowing the conclusion of August Burns Red’s blistering show at the Break Down the Walls tour stop in Calgary, Matt Greiner took to Twitter to thank fans who came out for the April 5 set.

“Dear Calgary, if you were the last I’d ever play then I would be content,” said the drummer for the Pennsylvania metalcore band.


Immediacy: The new enemy for journalists

Who cares about veracity?

SocialmediaThumbnailWhile journalists are still struggling to combine accuracy with immediacy, consumers are constantly exposed to mistakes and misunderstandings. In the rush to be the first to inform, our job has, unfortunately, gotten many of us into some ambiguous situations where some facts have been confused.

Immediacy should never be mixed up with being in a clumsy hurry to inform – but this is all the more important when it comes to public safety and emergency situations that play with others' fears and panic.