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Alberta byelections — what can we expect?

Mount Royal University Policy Studies chair, Duane Bratt, weighs in on the upcoming Alberta byelections and the impacts it will have on the current Alberta government

electionthumbnailWEBByelections are rare in Alberta politics. In the last decade, there have only been three of them. Yet, on Oct. 27, there will be four byelections: one in Edmonton (Whitemud) and three in Calgary (Elbow, West, and Foothills). It is a "mini-election." As such, the stakes are high, not just for the governing Progressive Conservative Party, but for all of the opposition parties too.


My Big Fat Thanksgiving

Why my family plans Thanksgiving five months in advance

thanksgivingcook living ocondonwebFor most families, Thanksgiving is merely a holiday to transition into Christmas and eat your weight in flightless birds. Not for my family. I come from a place where a 38-pound turkey might not leave any for leftovers and where the pumpkin pie is worth getting into a fistfight over.

Since I can remember, Thanksgiving has always been our biggest holiday celebration. My mom and her youngest sister credit distance as the main reason. With most of my family living in, around and outside of Calgary it can be difficult to make it to see all members of the family at Christmas and it was decided early on that Thanksgiving was close enough to make it work.


Children of Alienation: The battle between feuding parents

Courts have no penalties for divorced parents who ignore child access rulings, leaving some parents with few options to see their kids.

Christine GiancarloParental alienation is a well documented but poorly-recognized form of child abuse. It happens when one parent denigrates the other in order to turn their children against that parent.

It's a serious issue because children alienated from a parent with whom they had a positive, loving relationship are more likely to be truant, drop-out of school, suffer poor health, and engage in at-risk, antisocial behaviours. The tragic result is known as Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).


Journalism student reflects on how fitness saved his life

Max Foley shares how committing to exercise has had a positive effect on him as a person

rsz opening imageConsider this: Out of everything you've ever done — every habit you've established or kicked, every experience you've had, every memorable part of your life — what has changed your life the most? What has had the most positive effect on your life?

For me and countless others, the answer is exercise. Fitness. Athletics. However you label it, physical activity has changed lives for the better since the Greeks and Romans discovered the benefits of intentional exertion. Socrates said, almost 2-1/2 millennia ago: "No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable."