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19-year-old Siksika woman named 2017 Calgary Stampede Indian Princess

Mixing melody with nature

The Calgary-based magician, juggler and vaudeville artist says his love of performance has been with him all his life

jamesjordan thumbnailAs a magician, comedian and vaudeville performer, James Jordan is a multi-talented performer. Running his own business, setting up gigs and performances, and serving as director for multiple shows at the Loose Moose Theatre Company and other locations, he is happy to call himself a completely self-sufficient performer.

 "I find that all that really matters is that you're good at what you do. If you're disturbing people, you're only going to be disturbing them as long as they figure out that you're talented," says Jordan.

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Also a street performer, Jordan spends much of his time during the summer at Prince's Island Park where he entertains crowds with magic tricks and impromptu performances. Being able to travel the world and all the while being his own boss, it is clear Jordan has found his dream job doing what he loves.