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Scream artist Chris Thoresen is quietly making a lot of noise in Calgary's underground heavy metal scene

Thoresen thumbnailChris Thoresen is the lead vocalist and primary lyricist for the group, Shark Infested Daughters, an up-and-coming heavy metal group that is quietly gaining local recognition in Calgary's underground heavy metal scene.

Thoresen has spent countless hours honing his craft and developing a sound he fervently describes as "electro-core."


The art of screaming is something Thoresen says, is widely misunderstood and often stereotyped.

Produced by Daniel Ball

"Nobody really appreciates the amount of time, effort and practice that I've spent getting to where I can go," Thoresen says. "Every average Joe just immediately writes it off as something that's so silly."

And whether or not you can bring yourself to appreciate his aggressive style of delivery, there is no denying the substance and depth of the lyrics that Thoresen brings to the table.

Drawing on a lifelong history of tempestuous struggles – including a rocky relationship with his recently deceased father – Thoresen's writes unfeigned, personal lyrics that are a perfect accompaniment to his forceful screams.

"We have some songs that are just kind of 'wack-off-being-evil' songs," Thoresen explains. "But you know, the songs that really have power - that really have motive -are definitely all about just my struggle with dealing with everything that's going on."