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Hunting dogs that have fun, while learning the skills

Randy Blanchard is the owner of Blackfoot Kennels just south of High River, AB. Blanchard is an extremely talented hunting dog trainer and has been training for over 20 years.

He has developed techniques that have produced numerous highly effective hunting dogs. His techniques are based on the individual needs of each dog he trains.

With an emphasis on positive reinforcement, and refusing to cause any harm to the animals, he has a philosophy of always stopping when the dog wants more, and to make the training sessions feel like games to the dog. 

Blanchard works with a variety of different breeds. Some include: Retrievers, Visculas, Labs, Spaniels, German Shorthaired Pointers, and many others. 

The following videos show some of Blanchard's training techniques, and also discuss some of his philosphies regarding hunting dog training. 

For more information on Blackfoot Kennels click here.

All of the following videos were filmed and produced by Clayton Goodwin.

Training At Home

Force Training

Jump Block Training

Pigeon Training

Ramp Training

"They feel what you feel."