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Ink Smashed Artists offer something new to Calgary art scene

Atistic Trio finds beauty in the strange and grotesque

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From creating surreal paintings to an ABC book of mythical creatures, and a soon to be graphic novel, the Ink Smashed Artists are a unique collaborative group of artists based in Calgary.

The trio is made up of locally raised artists Joel Monea, Mark Eadie and Helen Young. Together they combine their distinctive styles into a seamless piece of art, almost as if it is art Mad Libs.

Young said it is their individuality that allows them to do what they do, and collaborate so flawlessly.

"The three of us have our strengths. There are a lot of times where we don't know how to complete something or where to go next, so we will pass it on to the next person. Which is kind of a relief," Young said.


Musical duo reflects on lifetime of playing music

Mount Royal University jazz teachers lament loss of vibrant jazz scene in Calgary

Jazz musiciansWhen it comes to jazz and blues, husband and wife Corinne Plomish and Ralf Buschmeyer don't miss a beat. Every Thursday afternoon, toe-tapping melodies and complex rhythms reverberate around Ric's Lounge and Grill on 2nd Avenue as Ralf strums away expertly on the guitar, while Corinne croons into the microphone.

The couple has been playing together for 10 years now, and both are music teachers at Mount Royal University. An instructor for the now defunct jazz studies program, Ralf said he was crushed by the budgetary decision to cut the highly recognized program, and mentioned his concerns about all the things that have "gone to the wayside in the past five years" in Calgary.


No ‘Intermission’ for Daniel Libman

Calgarian playwright's latest play debuts in New York City this May

thumb LibmanFor over 30 years, Daniel Libman has been a contributing factor to Calgary's theatre and acting community. Not only does he have many on screen acting roles, but Libman is also a playwright with over 50 titles to his credit.

Now Libman's latest play, Intermission, is preparing to open this May in New York City.

"I'm excited to see my play debut off-Broadway," Libman said. "I think I might be the first writer based in Calgary to have a play debut there."

The play is directed by Voyage Theatre Company founder, Wayne Maugans.

"His plays have a lot of heart," Maugans said. "He understands theatre at every level."


National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore hopes photos help save ecosystems

Sartore tells Calgarians controversial stories to stir up thoughts about the environment

thumb sartore headshot asOn the screen flashes a photograph of at least a dozen dead koalas, all of which had been killed over the course of just one week. After Joel Sartore ran the story with this photograph, the Australian government decided to declare the koalas as imperiled in northern Australia.

This is what photographer Joel Sartore does. He says photography is about much more than something alluring to look at, and for him, photographs provide the power to move the needle of public opinion. He said his ultimate goal is "to get society to care, and make the world a better place."

Sartore recently visited the Epcor Centre as a part of the National Geographic Live series to share some of his stories.