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Walking through history

Museum exhibit and Union Cemetery tour commemorate First World War memories

CalgaryParadethumbMost are familiar with the movie Back to the Future, where Michael J. Fox's mind is blown by how much history has changed in 30 years.

Calgarians will be able to have the similar type of experience in their own backyard, with the Military Museums of Calgary opening its latest exhibit, Wild Rose Overseas: Albertans In The Great War, on July 28.

"Most Canadians, have some connection to the First World War, so it's (the exhibit) for Albertans to rediscover their own family history, in addition to learning more about Alberta's contributions overseas," said Rory Cory, senior curator at the museum, when asked why the museum specifically chose to focus on Alberta's role in the war.


Sharry Maan takes Punjabi music industry by storm

Young singer started career off as a YouTube sensation

179397 187149417969386 5068698 n-1Through his use of YouTube, Punjabi artist Sharry Maan, 31, has risen from obscurity to being one of the stars of the Punjabi music industry. His YouTube tracks — particularly the song Kudiyan Te Bussa — found a strong Internet audience.

He had his breakout year in 2010 when he released his first single Yaar Anmulle. He ended up winning the PTC Punjabi Music Award for Best Male Debut and his hit song also ended up being featured on the soundtrack of the 2011 movie Yaar Anmulle.


Guide to August festival fun in Calgary

The Calgary Journal's list of the hottest festivals happening in the city

Dates: Aug. 6-9
Venue: Prince's Island Park
Price: $20-$30

Gain a better appreciation for African culture in Calgary this summer by attending Afrikadey. This festival — returning for its 23rd anniversary — invites you to Prince's Island Park to experience the musical styles, dance, art and literature that are deeply rooted in Africa. Afrikadey will showcase a wide variety of live music, dance, food, visual arts, film, theatre and a host of many other features that are fun for the whole family. For more information on Afrikadey and on how to purchase tickets, visit afrikadey.com


Top Calgary venues new bands should know about

The Journal's take on top start-up destinations for musical acts

Thumbnail copyIt can sometimes be difficult as a new band to know which music venues to call to get a gig. As well, it is important for new bands to have an understanding on what venues expect of them prior to booking.

After exploring Calgary's live music scene, these popular venues offer new bands a chance to get their name out there and gain a fan base.