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Heirs to the heavy metal throne

Throne of Vengeance continue to establish themselves as one of Calgary's most dedicated local groups

thumb TOVBrotherhoodTo many, Throne of Vengeance might be a familiar name. The group is very involved in Calgary's music scene, headlined the Calgary Metalfest, Boonstock and main stages at countless venues throughout the city.

The band have also been crowned Calgary's best rock band in 2011 and again in 2013 by the Calgary Beer Core — an organization that has been promoting alternative music in Calgary for over 10 years.

Throne of Vengeance have established themselves as a high energy four piece act that strives to create a fusion of the traditional metal sound and modern groove.


How fashion designers are finding success in Canadian industry

Get an inside peek into the business philosophies of three up-and-coming creative companies

thumb WOMAN-NY-FW14-2Fashion: a word synonymous with designer labels, Anna Wintour and cultural hubs such as Paris, Milan and New York.

The Canadian fashion industry is usually not the first thought to come to mind.

Not to say that us Canadians aren't fashionable. Canada boasts a wealth of trendy retailers offered at a variety of price points, including Joe Fresh, Zara and Holt Renfrew. However, much of the clothing sold in the great white north was designed and manufactured elsewhere.

Bearing that in mind, for local designers within the Canadian industry, finding a successful niche can be a challenge.

A challenge – but not an impossibility, as some Canadian designers have discovered through their own unique approaches to breaking into our country's apparel industry.


Alana Burrows: Therapy and empowerment through photography

Calgary photographer attributes her escape from depression to her art

thumb Pedersenphoto2EDITEDAlana Burrows discovered her love for photography while attending high school in Calgary. The 21-year-old freelance photographer says her passion behind the lens has since afforded her an artistic release and a way to overcome depression.

"I had days where I couldn't seem to do anything to get me out of my funk. Photography has helped me let out my feelings without having to talk about them," says Burrows.

Picking up her first professional camera two-and-a-half years ago, Burrows says she realized that she could use photography to express the joy she feels in empowering other women by taking their pictures.


Calgary International Burlesque Festival to vamp-up city’s burlesque scene

Fans of alternative dance can expect a rise in popularity

thumb AKBurlesqueIMG2EDITEDCompared to some other Canadian cities, Calgary's burlesque scene is lagging behind. Supporters of the city's burlesque community are hoping the new Calgary International Burlesque Festival – which debuted last month – will help change that in the future.

The festival kicked off with a bang at Dicken's Pub, showcasing a two-act performance of dazzling burlesque from local and international talent. Other events of the festival included a main stage performance at the Epcor Centre, interactive burlesque workshops, and a finale burlesque brunch at Hyatt Regency Calgary.

While this is the first time the festival has been held, performers and supporters in the city have been reviving the sensual art form for about ten years.