Liberal Matt Grant and NDP Kirk Heuser back at their day jobs following political loss in Calgary Confederation

Expert says losing can be devastating but can set politicians up for future wins

Stewart Heuser hug-thumbnailThe math is simple. Calgary has 10 federal electoral ridings, which means that on the federal election that took place on Oct. 19, there could only be 10 winners among the 58 people who ran for federal office in the city.

On election night eight of 10 ridings stayed strongly Conservative despite a federal win by the Liberals under the now Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The Calgary Journal recently caught up with two candidates who came up short —
Liberal Matt Grant and NDP Kirk Heuser. Both fought hard in Calgary Confederation to win a seat in the House of Commons. They knocked on thousands of doors attempting to sway votes away from the Tories. Both lost to Conservative, Len Webber.

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A sketch of Trudeau's climate ambitions

How will Liberals balance environment and economy?


The Justin Trudeau Liberals face the challenge of following through on promises to repair Canada's struggling economy while also keeping environment issues front and centre.

The Calgary Journal investigates Canadians' reaction to some of those promises.

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The niqab and wedge politics: reaction and analysis post #ELXN42


How politicking over cultural and religious freedoms caught Canadians' attention

For the past many weeks, Canadians witnessed debate and division as politicians wrestled over the rights of Canadian women to wear the niqab. 

A team of Calgary Journal reporters tracked and analysed reaction to what many considered to be "wedge politics" in action. 

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#Ivoted selfies capture Canadians at the polls

Capturing #ELXN42 selfies a priority for many social media users


Canadians not only voted in record numbers on Oct. 19, they also captured and published their trip to the polls by taking thousands of selfies with their mobile phones.

The #Ivoted selfie wave was captured by Calgary Journal reporters who combed through social media platforms to better understand the phenomenon.

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